Car Wrapping

We Do Car Wraps in Perth

Car wraps can provide two incredible opportunities:

  • Color and appearance of a vehicle can be completely changed. A car is an investment, so if you are tired of the way it looks, we can create a whole new look. A paint job can get expensive, whereas car wrapping is really cost effective.
  • Create your most vibrant advertising on your vehicle. Whether it is a car, truck or van, at Perth Signcraft & Graphics, we customise car wraps to create stylish graphics and colour choices to make your brand really stand out and get your business noticed.

At Perth Signcraft & Graphics, we create and install car wraps to keep your car looking stylish.

Customise Your Vehicle

With a car wrap, you can change the colour and design of your car to make it unique and serve your business.

A car wrap is quick to apply and easy to remove if you sell the car or decide you need a change. And you can be confident in the high-quality wraps from Perth Signcraft & Graphics that are created to your requirements and applied with care and precision. When cared for properly, our wraps can last up to 10 years.

A car wrap can be designed in any way you like. Whether you want a new colour scheme or your business’s contact information, a car wrap is a clear way to display your style and information.

Our car wraps work for almost any type of vehicle, not just cars. We can wrap trucks, buses and motorcycles to help you show off your personality.

Trust Our Team

Perth Signcraft & Graphics opened in 2003. Our owner operator, Russell, got his start as a spray painter in 1980, and he brings his expertise in the auto body industry to our company today. He says, “When I started 37 years ago, it was all paint and pinstriping—today a customer has so much choice and opportunity to really make their vehicle not only a personal statement but also get max dollar value from their vehicle through really awesome advertising.”

We understand that the automotive industry is always changing, and we pride ourselves on our ability to change with it and bring you the vehicle designs you need.

We will work with you to design the perfect wrap for your car, from start to finish. With large-format printing capabilities, we can provide exactly the look you want for your vehicle.

To learn more about our car wraps, check out the gallery below. For a quote, call us on 08 9248 7666.

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